Client Case Studies

The best way to understand how effective our unconventional approach can be for your business is to listen to what our customers have to say — in their own words.

Bill FoxBill Fox, Owner at Performance Manufacturing
How exactly can you leverage the expertise of the most well known leaders within your industry to turn a profit for your business? Bill Fox was able to achieve that using Profit Alchemy's "Partnership Traffic" approach and has now published a top-notch report that is full of valuable information. Not only has he made some serious sales for himself but he has also increased the business of those experts that he interviewed and included in his report. Learn how Bill gained new business opportunities just by putting this report together and how it has continued to build his own reputation in the Process Improvement industry as well. He also put Twitter to work in a unique way that you could implement with your own business once you listen to this case study.

Running time: 5:37

manny singh headshot.jpgManny Singh, iLeapFrog Marketing LLC - Founder/CEO
Listen in on how Manny Singh was able to take Profit Alchemy's Joint Venture program and apply it to his own business while landing multiple deals that will continue to pay out for many years to come. In this case study Manny explains how he was able to seek out congruent clients and put them together in a way that they were both able to benefit from each other's products and customer list. All this was executed in just a short 3 week time period and you can hear how it will continue to benefit all parties without a major amount of upkeep.

Running time: 6:42

GeneLaNier.jpg 138x166Gene LaNier, CEO Lanier Associates, Inc.
LaNier Associates is a small Advertising/PR agency. They applied a number of our proven strategies — both to find and close business for the agency and in their work with their clients. Discover how one of our strategies was more effective for one of their clients than anything else they've used in over 20 years, and how LaNier Associates continues to win more and more new business with our unique approach to marketing.

Running time: 11:10

GeneLaNier.jpg 140x117Dr. Peter Ursel, Kawartha Skin Care
Who wouldn’t like to receive $15 back for every $1 invested in marketing? That’s precisely the results Dr. Peter Ursel produced using one of our proven strategies. Find out exactly how he achieved this, why it can be repeated again and again, and see how easy it is for any business to take advantage of this simple, extremely effective strategy.

Running time: 6:19

GeneLaNier.jpg 140x117Pamela Yellen, CEO Bank On Yourself
Pamela Yellen is a strong advocate of using marketing campaigns that have already been proven to work. And with good reason, considering the results she's produced by doing so. In this case study, you'll hear how "cloning" a marketing campaign allowed Pamela's company to increase the price of their flagship product from $600 to $5,000 without any drop off in sales. And how a 10-minute restructuring of her marketing for another product line increased their profits by 65% .

Running time:11:58

GeneLaNier.jpg 140x117Jeff Schwerdt, Co-Founder, Quick Video Marketing
A former F-16 training instructor for the Air Force, Jeff Schwerdt understands that taking unnecessary risks can prove costly. So the appeal of using a powerful strategy that had been proven many times, — even though it's a bit unconventional — had strong appeal to him. In this case study, Jeff reveals how one of our unique campaigns has added five figures per month to his company’s profits, all during the most sluggish, challenging economic times we’ve encountered in decades.

Running time:9:34

GeneLaNier.jpg 140x117Tessa Stowe, Founder,
Starting from scratch, Tessa used two of our proven marketing campaigns to build her training and consulting firm from the ground up. The results she produced were not only substantial, but they came almost immediately and with minimal cost and effort. While her sales have more than doubled, it was extremely gratifying to hear Tessa state that without these campaigns, it's highly likely she would not have a business.

Running time:11:12

GeneLaNier.jpg 140x117Paul Quillen, Founder, is a very successful company that trains individuals on how to day trade safely and effectively. However, they had hit a ceiling in sales and were looking for new ideas to grow the company. Instead of new ideas, our recommendation was to use a proven strategy called "profit cloning" to set up a second business to compete with themselves! How well did it work? They are now enjoying an annual increase in sales of 20%. And because the costs were negligible and this is a high-ticket item, much of that increase is pure profit.

Running time:9:41

GeneLaNier.jpg 140x117Jim Johnson, CEO Business Bridges
Jim has relied on two of our proven campaigns to do most of the "heavy lifting" for his business for a number of years. One campaign is being used repeatedly to generate new business, while a second campaign is the workhorse for bringing a substantial flow of past customers back into the fold. Overall, these two campaigns have increased Business Bridges’ sales by 90% annually. And as you'll hear in this case study, year after year they continue to outperform everything else Jim's company has tested.

Running time:7:34