Is there a “secret sauce” for increasing your sales?

Too many crazy promises are being pushed these days for the next “magic bullet of the week” that’s supposed to boost your sales. Unfortunately, what you really get is a flash-in-the-pan technique that relies on a questionable loophole, works only for a short time, and then dies off quickly.

But is there truly a “secret sauce” that you can consistently rely on to increase your sales?

There actually is. But it isn’t a mystery, it isn’t some new marketing gimmick, and it isn’t the latest, greatest technology.

What it really is, is a sound, fundamental marketing principle. You see, if you want to consistently increase your sales and build continual growth into your business, the “secret sauce” I’m talking about is the ability to… create better offers.

Decades of independent studies have proven that without changing anything else, one offer can outperform another by anywhere from 15% to 400% – and sometimes even more.

So rather than wasting your time with some new way to game the search engines, let’s take a look at a simple way to create better offers – and start getting the boost in sales you really want.

Improving your offer by discovering the “hidden benefit”

Most businesses sell their products or services based on what they think the best features or benefits are of the product. This isn’t a bad place to start, but if you stop there, you’re leaving a lot of sales on the table.

You see, in every market, there are hidden benefits that you usually can’t see because you’re just too close to your product. But if you take the time to survey your market, both with survey forms and by informally talking with prospects and customers, you can quickly discover these hidden benefits.

For example, one of my clients was selling a workshop for realtors on how to  get more listings and make more sales. The training was top notch and included a period of mentoring to make certain the participants got great results.

The offer focused on all the skills a realtor would learn at the workshop and the additional sales this would bring them. Now, that’s not a bad place to start, but my client quickly hit their limit.

You see, because of the mentoring involved, they could only handle a limited number of participants. Beyond that, it wasn’t possible to provide the quality of attention that was necessary.

So the only way to increase the profits of this workshop was to raise the price. But the client felt that was dicey since their price was already at the top end in their market.

So I suggested that they interview their past students to see if there were hidden benefits that the offer could be built on in order to raise the price of the workshop.

Sure enough, it didn’t take long to discover a common thread among their participants. A huge percentage of the participants told them that while the content of the workshop was excellent, what really helped them the most was the ongoing mentoring which answered any questions they had and provided additional motivation to actually implement what they learned.

Armed with the knowledge of this “hidden benefit”, my client then restructured their offer to focus entirely on the mentoring aspect of the program as the main benefit. The training topics were given far less emphasis and now became the secondary benefit. By flipping the order and the importance of these components in their offer, they were able to increase the price of the workshop by 67%. Here’s the comment I received from my client:

“Your offer advice was a godsend. I used it to increase a workshop price from             $1495 to $2495 by “flipping” the copy to sell the mentoring rather than the workshop. The $1000 price increase has not hampered  sales in the least. That’s a profit increase of at least $75,000 every time we present this workshop.” – J.P. Vaughan

Not too bad for a little bit of research and restructuring of their offer copy!

 Takeaways to apply to your own marketing

There are a number of important lessons here that you can apply right away to your own marketing.

Takeaway #1: Increases like this are pure profit. While my client couldn’t expand the enrollment of this workshop beyond its fixed size, the gains they made were pure profit, since the fixed costs were already covered. Any time you can restructure your offer to generate an increase in sales, if part or all of your fixed costs are already covered, then the majority of your new gains are pure profit.

Takeaway #2: Your customers know more about what’s important to them than you do. Ignore this at your peril. If you rely on your own instincts exclusively, as you’ve just seen, you could easily miss out on a feature or benefit of your product that will cause customers to buy more quickly, buy multiple times, or pay higher prices. It just doesn’t make any sense to overlook this when doing the research is quite easy.

Takeaway #3: Stop chasing every “magic bullet” that comes along. We all want to be able to sell more of our products or services faster and easier. But nearly every new gimmick you see is just that – a gimmick. And gimmicks rarely produce the immediate results they promise or contribute much to your long term success. A solid product, strong marketing fundamentals, and excellent service are the real path to a continually growing business, not the next gimmick, buzz word or technology.

Am I nuts? Am I right on target?

Feel free to let me know – or share your own experience with this topic – by leaving your comment below.

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A brief commercial – let me help you create a superior offer

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BEFORE the next payment is due, you must produce at least 3 times the total cost of the program in new profits – and you’ll probably do much better than that. If not, you’ll receive a full refund of your deposit.

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4 Responses to Is there a “secret sauce” for increasing your sales?

  1. Hey Bob,

    Great advice, thanks for making this post.

    I’ve seen some incredible results from helping my offline clients come up with better offers. Most local business owners think it’s enough to just ‘be there’ and they’ll get business.

    But once you show them how to position their offers based on the benefits and include bonuses for buying from them instead of somebody else (the stuff we do online every day), they see increased sales automatically.

    Thanks again,


  2. Leo Restrich says:


    Thanks again for sharing the another ingredient to the “secret sauce”. It seems so logical when you stated: “So I suggested that they interview their past students to see if there were hidden benefits that the offer could be built on in order to raise the price of the workshop.”

    I’ve counseled scores of business owners who are outright afraid of contacting customers/clients to ask why they do business with them. Go figure… it must be a human psychological failing. I’ve told them that right in front of them stands the best marketing consultant they could ever ask… their customer! But they’d rather have me ask them instead and forego any personal embarrassment or show that they don’t understand their own market. They miss out on a fantastic opportunity of forming stronger personal bonds with their customers through reaching out and having this direct contact. It’s probably, in part, why they handsomely pay salespeople to contact prospective customers so they don’t have to.

    I’ve had too many discussions with marketing consultants who employ a sales person to contact their prospect base because they just don’t like… or are afraid… to put themselves into a sales role. They say their strong suit is marketing strategies – not sales. They miss so much by not diving into the selling process.

    Sorry, I digress.

    Putting together stronger offers – and testing them – is something I’m always interested in learning about…. so Bob, I’d appreciate even more postings on this subject.

    Be well,

    Leo Restrich

  3. Oh, and I forgot to mention, one of the first messages I send to client’s customers now is a survey, asking them what they want, and as part of the process, for a testimonial.

    In every case, we get invaluable feedback.

    For example, I have an accountant client who had never asked his customers what they wanted. We created an email sequence telling his clients that as part of a higher level of service the firm was going to offer, we’d like to know exactly what his clients wanted help with.

    We had over 20% of the list respond, and 83% of them wanted strategic tax planning advice. We created an irresistible offer for a tax planning consultation and his office was booked out for several weeks.

    During the tax planning consultations (which cost $200), my client was able to upsell thousands of dollars of additional services and he was very happy with the results.

    We are in the process of offering his clients some of the other services they told us they wanted, and the results continue to be very good. All this even though the accountant had never had any success using email before, and was very reluctant to send his clients ‘an offer’ because he was afraid of what might happen.

    I can’t stop him now…



  4. Paul says:

    Although I was already aware of this type of marketing strategy, this is good advice. As I am in the beginning stages of a marketing business, I am aware that getting client input and critique is valuable. This article did help me out though since my understanding of this technique is rather generic. Now I understand one type of specific information that can be obtained from customers and how to get it. To put it plainly, it is a good idea to ask customers what more they would have liked to gain, what they didn’t like, how can the product be improved and what other features they would like to see or benefit from. Just the simple concept of asking clients straight out for the details is a bit, well, profound for a beginner like me.


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